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Mastering Marxism with Rhonda, Lisa and David,
Part 4: Complexities of Finding Truth

Posted By: MichaelvdGalien      7/10/2010 11:02:13 AM
David Horowitz's NewsRealblog, by Lisa Graas
Original Article

Dear Rhonda and David, Rhonda mentioned a passage that intrigued her in Leszek Kołakowski’s Introduction from Main Currents of Marxism. Interestingly, the passage referring to Thomas Mann’s examination of Nazism leapt out to me in much the same way. Many people still grapple with the idea of how a nation of “regular people” could participate in the destruction of millions of people. Kołakowski’s reference to Mann was a fitting reminder of the complexities involved in studying cultures in hindsight, particularly when that culture has undertaken horrors which many of us consider to be inconceivable.

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