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I Want My Al-TV, part 1
Posted By: MOTUS      1/3/2013 11:59:27 AM
Referenced Article written by Coming Soon: Part-2!!!
Michelle Obama´s Mirror, by MOTUS
Original Article

Well how about that little Goreacle? When he made a gazillion dollars by creating the Church of Global Warming and setting up a convenient donation program by selling carbon credits (which were created,quite literally,out of thin air),we thought it was a fluke.(snip)We may have been wrong.By selling his nascent Current TV network to Al-Jazeera he has clearly moved into mogul deal-making status(snip)Current TV co-founder Joel Hyatt explains:When considering the several suitors who were interested in acquiring Current, it became clear to us that Al Jazeera was founded with the same goals we had for Current...

Coming Soon: Part-2!!!

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