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The Atheist Nutcracker Suite: Danbury Revisited [Froglegs #14]
Posted By: JoeDanMedia      12/8/2012 7:01:49 PM
BoilingTheFrogs, by Joe Dan Gorman
Original Article

As we drift further and further into the ‘abyss of the immoral‘… hostilities against Christmas have reached a new level of absurd intolerance. Now ‘cartoon characters’ Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and the gang are named in the latest version of what has become known as “The Annual Atheist Yuletide Lawsuit.” It’s no longer even news that Christmas Trees are being banned at Senior Citizen homes….again. And you can always count on atheists to go into a public meltdown over Nativity Scenes because they are offended. Well, I’m offended by them. Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a war on Christmas—this is

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