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Why Detroit Still Matters
Posted By: MOTUS      2/24/2013 3:02:36 PM
Dewey From Detroit, by Dewey From Detroit
Original Article

Good news Detroit:We’re #1 again! In a head-to-head contest with real contenders like Chicago,New York,Cleveland (At Least We’re Not Detroit!) and Atlanta, Detroit once again grabbed victory through the misery of defeat. Numero uno on Forbes Most Miserable City in America. (snip)Heady stuff for a city on the verge of insolvency and far beyond societal breakdown. (snip)Most of us can’t do great things, but all of us can do something. Do something. If you don’t, you, or your children, will wake up one day on the other side, staring into the abyss that was once a great civilization…

This scares me!!!

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