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Christmas “Gouls” and Goulash
Posted By: MOTUS      12/21/2012 11:04:40 AM
Referenced Article written by Try Dewey´s Mom´s goulash. You will love it!
Michelle Obama´s Mirror, by MOTUS
Original Article

Don’t say you didn’t get anything you asked for this Christmas.The Tea Party gave Boehner’s Plan B from Outer Space a giant thumbs down last night(snip)Not that any of this matters, as the Mayan’s have deemed today the end of days anyway(snip)Lady M is(snip)performing an ancient Mayan ceremonial ritual(snip)to extend our Occupation of planet earth for at least another 4 years(snip)in case this evening’s meal is your last(snip)Here’s what I’d fix.(snip)Dewey’s(snip)“Mom’s Goulash”(snip)1 lb. bacon ...

Try Dewey´s Mom´s goulash. You will love it!

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