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Vacay 2, 2013: on Air Force Won-Too for Michelle
Posted By: MOTUS      2/15/2013 12:02:12 PM
Michelle Obama´s Mirror, by MOTUS
Original Article

Of course we’re going to Aspen.(snip)And don’t worry about Lady M’s nose being offended by the noxious smell wafting from Aspens “waste water” treatment plant.(snip)the rich really are different from you and me.Apparently their s*** really doesn’t stink!(snip)Lady M conducted an interactive student workshop(snip)of the film “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”(snip)it’s the story of a precocious, unbelievably adorable little girl named, “Hushpuppy,”(snip)watch for it’s adorable little star to take an Oscar.(snip) it wouldn’t be the first time a really cute candidate with a funny name won because...

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