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First They Came For The Cupcakes, And I Did Not Speak Out
Posted By: NoisyRoom      11/18/2012 10:30:57 PM
NoisyRoom, by Citizen Scribe
Original Article

Please pardon me for borrowing the opening line from pastor Martin Niemöller’s condemnation of standing mute. His quote is only tangentially related… and yet… germane. Allow me to expand. On Friday, an American icon in the baked goods industry, famous for breads, cakes, pies and assorted snacks, was pushed over the financial cliff, leaving only the carcass and the name, embodied as closed factories and orphaned brands. Over the last two days, a couple of themes have emerged in the reportage of this event: 1) that it was all Capitalism’s fault, despite repeated investments from and attempts by capital management firms to save

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