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Cult of Personality:
For permanent infantile Obama DemProg worship, invoke the children.

Posted By: njdittos      3/11/2018 8:48:58 AM
Dittoville.com, by NJDittos
Original Article

Sad to say, the Obamas, like the Clintons, don’t go away easily. The lure and promise of continuous power over millions of infantile groupthinking sheep is overwhelming, particularly for those in the upper tiers of the Democratic Party addicted to it. Although out of office, Himself and his Michelle-Antoinette are anything but out of sight or mind. The Obama Cult of Personality continues, as effective a tool of mass manipulation as the Dem Party currently possesses. Lately, we’ve been treated to the photo of a perfectly innocent little girl who, we are disinformed, has been caught up irresistibly in the magic

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