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Politics As Usual – Left Frames Its Philosophy As Right-Wing
Posted By: floppingaces      2/28/2013 1:52:15 PM
Flopping Aces, by Warren Beatty
Original Article

Have you ever wondered why Fascism (essentially socialism) and Nazism (again, essentially socialism) are considered to be right-wing political philosophies? It’s because the left-wing and its obedient lap-dog, the MSM, have gone to great lenghts to recast them as right-wing philosophies.

In an effort to create as much distance as possible between Hitler and his socialist principles, Hitler has deliberately been mislabeled as extreme right wing by the socialist movement. Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists (the Nazi party) represented extreme left wing politics. Leftists are quick to cite the fact that one of Hitler’s first actions was to get rid

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