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“Alinsky Works For Us Now” Maybe On TeeVee!?!”
Posted By: MOTUS      1/5/2013 11:45:38 AM
Referenced Article written by Come on el Rushbo...let´s have R-TV!
Michelle Obama´s Mirror, by MOTUS
Original Article

John Boehner says he’s done dealing with Big Guy one-on-one(snip)Which is just as well,since Big Guy had already said that he "will not have another debate with this Congress(snip)that could be good news!(snip)Butt here’s my take: if Algore(snip)had time to create the Al-TeeVeera(snip)I don’t see why other business moguls couldn’t do the same.(snip)Yes, Frasier gave it a shot with the now defunct RIGHTNETWORK which, despite(snip)featured articles by moi, never put enough resources into the game(snip)Somebody has to pick up where Breitbart left off:...

Come on el Rushbo...let´s have R-TV!

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