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After Over 100 Plastic Surgeries, Model Suffers The Consequences (Photos)
Posted By: rightwingnews      9/12/2017 12:40:27 AM
Rightwingnews, by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Original Article

Gee, another woman who turns herself into a freak in pursuit of the perfect body. It’s just sad and horrific. I don’t even know where to begin with this woman. I’m sure at one time, she was beautiful. Now, she’s nightmarish. She’s had over 100 plastic surgeries to get this look. What kind of doctor does this? Ethics anyone? And it’s even worse than that, an unusually large-breasted and wide-hipped Instagram model nicknamed the “human blow up doll” died at the ripe old age of 23 because of this insanity. What a freaking waste.

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