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A COR-o-nation in the PORN-o-nation
Posted By: MOTUS      1/20/2013 1:09:12 PM
Michelle Obama´s Mirror, by MOTUS
Original Article

Tough choice today: should I cover the pre-inaugural Festival in D.C. or the Sundance Festival in P.C.? In a sense they’re both about the same thing(snip)Newsweek(snip)has deemed the WON’s term number two “The Second Coming.” coincidentally)today’s emerging theme from Sundance that I was going to discuss is…pornography!(snip)a lot of people are now accusing Lady M of wearing…a wig! Are you kidding me” That is soooo her owned hair.(snip)Although we’re discussing the hair, I thought you might like a full length view of Lady M’s lovely Alexander McQueen smock...

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